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Why Video Game Depot?

Video Game Depot is Alaska’s largest & oldest private-owned video game  store! 
We buy, sell, trade & repair anything from pre-Atari to the newest releases!
With thousands of items currently in stock and more being added daily.
See why customers have voted us the #1 video game store in Alaska!

Pre-Order with us today and either pickup your game locally or it will be shipped to you by release date!
Local store pick up and worldwide shipping is available.

Tobin Hollowood (Frostanimal12)
Tobin Hollowood (Frostanimal12)
Its always a joy to come in! Staff is super helpful and friendly!
John Kim
John Kim
Knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Great place to go for your video game needs.
Ritchard T
Ritchard T
Good Selection of games and good customer service
There are a lot of great games and consoles
Nihao Style (Nihaostyle)
Nihao Style (Nihaostyle)
I pretty much buy only from Video Game Depot, unless I can't. I've gone to the owner looking for consoles and games of all kinds. I've be overwhelmed with the help given to me. I tell him all the time I prefer to buy from here before I go anywhere else. This place gets the gaming community, and gives back so much. Sadly its not the same way around I think. I find the humor is good and their very knowledgeable about game and consoles. I've bought a fair amount of things from here, and I'm glad to say never had to bring anything back. But am alway reminded if there's something wrong bring it in, it'll get fixed, repair, replaced or worse case refunded. I mean I was looking for one game that was sold out everywhere but the manufacturers of the game. But he called six business, checked on if anyone was gonna get extra copies and even looked into buying one from the main site when they show it as being out of stock. So go down there, and show Video Game Depot some love. They have a great staff and are always doing there best to provide for you the gamer. They also have a good grade reward system and are pretty understandable when working with you on items.
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