​Joker Steals the Show!... and your save data?

Many fans were surprised by the release of Persona 5's Joker, but welcomed him with open arms to Nintendo's already massive roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

However, it seems that the use of this Persona-User is causing some unforeseen issues with Nintendo Switch
Consoles, some users are reporting freezing issues while using the character.

So far, the issue seems to be tied only to the game's classic mode, occuring at the end game when a user attempts to use Joker's Final Smash move to win! Once done the game soft locks, forcing players to either exit out of the game and relaunch or reboot their consoles all together.

This is not a great look for Nintendo especially right after Super Smash Bros. new level editor was flooded with NSFW stages.

Thankfully the issue only seems to be effecting Joker and no other characters, meaning with the nature of the issue it should not take Nintendo too long to release a hotfix that solves it, since it is a relatively minor issue that developers should be able to figure out quickly. This issue however could be a lot trickier than it seems, but that is unlikely.

Apr 20th 2019 Video Game Depot

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