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Cleaning up the collection? Found an old box in the attic/basement/storage unit/dungeon of woe? Video Game Depot prides itself in its quick and convenient methods for trading in or buying your old video game items.

Simply bring your items you wish to trade in or sell at our location 2610 Spenard Road STE C Anchorage, AK 99503. Any day and any time within our business hours works—no appointment necessary! A staff member will evaluate each of your items and provide you a quote for either cash, check, or store credit; it’s your preference how you want to be paid out!


What can you pay me for…?

We are unable to provide specific trade in quotes, ball park figures, or rough estimates over the phone or Internet. Video game prices change on a daily basis and condition is a big factor. We’re happy to provide a quote anytime in store, though. Our customers know we pay fair (even in the most wild of circumstances!)

Do you buy…?

Probably! We buy almost every gaming-related item. Some exceptions include pre-owned PC games, and headsets. Feel free to call our stores before coming in to double check if we’ll take your stuff (hint: the answer is probably yes.)

Can I ship my items I want to sell or trade to you?

Not at this moment. Evaluating and processing trades in our store keeps our staff plenty busy, so handling shipment issues on top of everything else will truly drive us bananas. If you’re ever visiting Anchorage from out of town, bring your stuff along with you and stop on by!

Are you buying games/accepting trades during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yep! Bring your stuff to our store, and we’ll help you out. A face mask is required for entry, and we’ll happily provide a free mask if you don’t have one. We also provide free hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and other cleaning products on request.

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