Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction


Genre: Action
Publisher: D3Publisher
Developer: Papaya Studio
Release Date: 10/5/2010
Language: English
Rating: 12+

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Take control of Ben and 16 of his alien forms from the Ultimate Alien TV Series as he journeys worldwide including Paris; Tokyo; China; and Rome to gather an ancient artifact to save the world from Ultimate destruction!

  • Take control of Ben and his new Ultimatrix to unlock powerful Ultimate versions of established aliens and wield the power of all new aliens
  • Upgrade System allows players to enhance their favourite aliens skills
  • Ultimate Events empower players to defeat level bosses through stylized cutscenes and hard-hitting combat interactions
  • Journey to iconic worldwide locales including Paris; Tokyo; China and Rome
  • Completely authentic to the TV series using voice actors; sounds and a new storyline by the original writers of the show


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