Circus Maximus Chariot Wars


Genre: Action; Racing
Publisher: Encore Software
Developer: Kodiak Interactive
Release Date: 2/25/2002
Language: English

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As the first and only game to combine the classic themes of chariot racing and gladiator fighting; Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars brings the raw excitement of survival racing to the majestic coliseums and arenas of the Roman Empire.

  • Start the rave with complete control over the chariot team or let A.I. drive while you bludgeon
  • With two-man teams the fate of the empire rests with you and a friend; with four-player mode its every chariot for itself!
  • From the sands of Alexandria to the glorious Circus Maximus of Rome; youll span the Roman Empire in seven cinematic environments and 19 bloody tracks
  • With hundreds of driver; warrior; horse and chariot combinations youll find the perfect team for total domination
  • Chose from arcade; multiplayer; career and training modes. * Though the styles are different; the goal is the same; race; fight and live to ride another day
  • Upgrade your team; unlock new options and c


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