Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix


Genre: Platformer; Music
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 10/24/2005
Language: English

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Someone has stolen the Music Keys and released the music they held. Without the Music Keys; the unstable power of the music is wreaking havoc on the land. Mario must recover them before the chaos destroys the entire Mushroom Kingdom! The path to the keys is simple: Left; Right; Up; Down; Right; Down…

  • Players shake their things to more than 25 dance-flavored songs; from classic Nintendo themes to familiar favorites. With five difficulty levels; dancers of all abilities will be able to get into the groove.
  • Have fun getting in shape! The special Workout feature tracks the calories burned while playing.
  • In Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix; players clear levels by performing the correct steps. Once they clear all the levels in a particular world; theyll collect a Music Key. Collect all the Music Keys to win.
  • Players control Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix by stepping on different arrows on the Action Pad. Players can fina

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