Dance Paradise


Genre: Music
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Smack Down Productions
Release Date: 2/15/2011
Language: English

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The game features a 40-song tracklist out of the box spanning genres like pop rock and hip-hop; and features musical selections from the likes of MC Hammer; No Doubt; Lady GaGa and even Snoop Dog; among others.

In heavenly; colourful settings (beaches; discos; casinos; etc.); dance floor kings and queens to be can challenge each other in different multiplayer modes. … Accompanied by official music videos; the dancers; who are represented by their own Xbox avatar; will be able to develop their skills using dance sequences thought up by professionals and inspired by official music videos. Who hasnt dreamed of dancing along to Daft Punks classic Around the World; or imitating Lady Gaga in Bad Romance or going back to the 90s with MC Hammers Cant Touch This.

Dance Paradise will include two-player support; as well as downloadable tracks (which remain unconfirmed at this time). Check out a portion of the tracklist below

  • Akon –

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