Disgaea 3 Absense of Justice


Genre: RPG; Tactical
Publisher: NIS America
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Language: English

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Disgaea 3 is a sequel to Disgaea; a hardcore; turn-based; strategy RPG popular on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. In Disgaea; character units have a limit to their movement and attack ranges; based on level and weapons equipped. There are other special game factors that let you take advantage of the 3D battle map; many of which are unique to Disgaea.

  • Geo Block – A cube-shaped terrain-altering object. Players can use it to access and attack enemies where normally they cannot reach.
  • Geo Panel – A group of stat-altering elemental properties that are placed upon certain parts of the battlefield. When there are one or more colored panels on the battle grid; it means an element can affect that area. The effect can boost or reduce your units stats.
  • Item World – A special randomly-generated battle stage within each and every item you find. By defeating these special battle stages; you are able to strengthen your items.
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