Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Retro Studios
Release Date: 5/4/2018
Language: English

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is powering up for the franchises debut on Nintendo Switch!

The invading Snowmads have locked Donkey Kong Island in a deep freeze; and its up to the Kongs to thaw things out!

Join Donkey Kong; Diddy Kong; Dixie Kong; Cranky Kong and Funky Kong as they swim; swing; spring and surf through islands packed with hazards; hidden collectibles; and unforgettable boss encounters! Use each characters unique moves to explore every corner of each island; unearth special items and even hidden exits.

Funky town
Exclusively on Nintendo Switch; enjoy a chill new mode as groovy surfing simian Funky Kong! He can double jump; hover; perform infinite rolls and even perform infinite underwater corkscrews! Thanks to his sturdy surfboard; even spikes cant slow him down. With this righteous dude; even stages packed with perils can be smooth surfing.

Co-op Kong
Play the whole game by your

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