ESPN College Hoops 2004


Genre: Sports
Publisher: Sega of America
Developer: Visual Concepts
Release Date: 11/16/2003
Language: English

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The risky steal; the well-timed block; the buzzer-beater …mind-blowing plays in the final seconds holding every moment suspended in time. Tears; yells; chest pumps€¦every expressible emotion at its peak — flowing through the veins of every player; coach and fan. Deafening chants; face-painted students; music blaring bands€¦unforgettable experiences sending all five senses into overtime. Tradition; pageantry; pride€¦the definition of college basketball. The moment; the championship; the legacy: ESPN College Hoops…real play; real emotion; real heart.

  • ESPN Presentation – Step into every college game with a mind-blowing ESPN presentation — blending crisp; innovative commentary; and detailed overlays that deliver nothing less than perfection!
  • Real College Gameplay – Break out in the college game with quick fastbreaks; crunch time inbounds plays or use the pivot mode to create open jumpers — perfectly duplicating the style of college ba


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