God of War 2


Genre: Hack & Slash
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCEI
Release Date: 3/13/2007
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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The story picks up where players last left off with Kratos. Sitting atop his throne on Olympus; Kratos; the once mortal warrior has become a threat far worse than his predecessor Ares; had ever been. Kratos is a ruthless God; whose wrath strikes down anyone who crosses his path or the path of his beloved Sparta. The Ghost of Sparta sets out to alter that which no mortal; or god has ever changed; his fate. Kratos journey brings him to the very edge of the Earth; facing countless beasts; monsters; and horrors from his previous life; all bent on preventing him from reaching his goal. But this is Kratos; and his defiance is filled with such arrogance and contempt that all of the Ancient World still trembles at his name: Kratos; the God of War.

  • Huge Collection of Combat Moves: Players can utilize their favourite combo attacks from GOD OF WAR along with a whole new set of moves and magic. Magic is based on natures elements which include utilizing the

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