Gungrave Overdose


Genre: Action; Shooter
Publisher: Mastiff
Developer: Red Entertainment
Release Date: 9/15/2004
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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Beyond-The-Grave; our favorite undead-Mafioso-turned-almost-good-guy; is back to kick ass against the Corsione family and prevent them from using the Seed to gain control of the world. Joining Grave are two new unlockable characters: Juji Kabane; a blind; foul-mouthed; and perpetually angry swordsman who wears a shabby overcoat and carries a pair of gunblades; and Rocketbilly Redcadillac; a rock star who wears a red riding jacket and sports a slick ducktail.

  • Step into a high octane actionshooter where everything in sight is your for the taking. Choose between the wrathful swordsman Juji Kabane; the relentless rock star Rocketbilly Redcadillac or the undead hero Beyond the Grave.
  • Explodes on-screen with 9 stages; 53 minutes of movies and an onslaught of mayhem that never lets up.
  • More adrenaline; action; characters; depth; story; technology; replay value and animated goodness than its popular predecessor.

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