Genre: Action; Adventure; Shooter
Publisher: Sega of America
Developer: Smilebit
Release Date: 3/19/2002
Language: English

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In a world much like our own; in a time much like the 19th century; a lone scientist; Dr. Hebble; is able to make a string of incredible technological breakthroughs. But these advances accelerate beyond his own intentions; resulting in a revolutionary form of energy that; once harnessed; could propel mankind into a new era or lead to complete annihilation. With the governments assistance; a group of scientists are able to form GUN VALKYRIE; an organization bent on protecting these new breakthroughs and policing their use.

  • Ignite massive battlegrounds in action-packed firefights filled with atmospheric hazards as you explore massive environments disrupted by over-advanced technology.
  • State of the art graphics engine achieves smooth and realistic texture-models and produces stunning environmental effects—both complimented by an amazingly high poly-count available only through Xbox technology.
  • Revolutionary control utilising both

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