Kingdom Under Fire Heroes


Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Blueside
MultiPlayer: LAN; Internet
Release Date: 9/20/2005
Language: English

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Once you choose the main character; the war campaigns start out with one infantry unit. You will have to quickly learn how to move the soldiers to advantageous battlegrounds; how to counter enemy attacks; how to dispose enemy captains for a landslide victory; how to operate with multiple units of different class simultaneously; etc; until you become the ultimate warlord. Of course; as your skill grows; your characters and soldiers grow as well. A deadly arsenal of special moves and combos will become available for your character. Your soldiers will gain stronger weapons and equipments. Catapults and dragons will fight on your side.

200 soldiers fighting to death; earth shattering Stone Golems; catapults launching huge rocks; celestial bodies summoned to crush enemies… The action is more explosive than ever; yet the strategy even deeper. Single Player Mode of KUF:Heroes is over 50 hours of epic fantasy warfare breathtakingly rendered with cutting edge 3D

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