Genre: Action
Publisher: Take 2
Developer: 2K Czech (Illusion Softworks)
Release Date: 3/11/2004
Language: English

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It is 1930. Due to circumstances he couldnt possibly have predicted; Tommys life as a cabdriver is about to be exchanged for a life in the Mafia. At first he continues his work as a driver and nothing could be better. He soon becomes good friends with his sidekicks Paulie and Sam; and although the work is sometimes risky; he earns more money than he did as a cabdriver. But as time goes on he is ordered to undertake more and more unpleasant jobs – and he starts to become disillusioned with the life he has chosen.

  • Explore over 12 square miles of this 1930s American city; with intelligent simulated traffic; landmarks and surrounding countryside. This fictional city was created with reference to authentic buildings and photos from that period.
  • Over 20 action-packed missions with tasks ranging from mob hits; car chases; bootlegging; shootouts; assassinations of personas non grata; bank robberies and even simply going for a romantic walk wit

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