Genre: Sports
Publisher: Sega of America
Developer: Visual Concepts
Release Date: 2/26/2002
Language: English

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Can you say Dynasty? After two years of roundball domination on Dreamcast; Sega Sports unleashes its award-winning NBA franchise on the next-generation basketball court with NBA 2K2. Building upon a foundation of vibrant graphics and crisp; detailed player animation; NBA 2K2 talks the talk and walks the walk! High pick and roll? We got it! Killer crossover? Its in there! The big mans game? You betcha! On offense; use the versatile low post game to drop step around your defender and explode past him for a posterizing dunk; back him down into the key and pull up for a sweet hook; or lull him to sleep and pass to the open man. Tight AI defenders take away the baseline; deftly rotate to the open man; and establish rebounding position in the paint.

  • Authentic NBA play — Defensive player rotation; intelligent ball movement; pick and rolls; smart coaching decisions; and explosive moves deliver the true NBA basketball experience.
  • Devastating n


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