NHL 08


Genre: Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Sports
MultiPlayer: Internet
Release Date: 9/12/2007
Language: English

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The revolutionary Skill Stick System evolves in NHL® 08 and delivers an unparalleled level of control. An all-new deking system enables you to move the puck off your stick; to walk around a defender and give you space in front to challenge the goalie. Enhanced analog speed control and a new skating engine give you the precision and fluidity to play like you would on the ice.

Showcasing true horsepower; On-The-Fly AI and playbook customization have added depth that will keep even the most experienced gamer transfixed. The intelligent CPU functionally coaches against you to counter your tendencies; and forces you to adjust your strategy. With Create-a-Play; you can hit the whiteboard and showcase your own strategic wisdom by customizing plays; recording them in practice mode and bringing them into game to outsmart your opponent. With unlimited control; unmatched depth and infinite possibilities; no game is ever the same with NHL 08.

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