Night Caster


Genre: Action; RPG
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Jaleco Entertainment
Release Date: 1/25/2002
Language: English

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This third-person; single-player; action-adventure game features intense spell combat and exploration. Players take the role of Arran; a novice wizard whose magical power grows as he ages throughout his quest to collect spells and rid the world of eternal night.

  • Stunning spells – Nightcaster features over 40 spectacular and 3D spells from four different schools of magic – Light; Dark; Fire & Water.
  • Addictive spell combat – players can choose brute force or smart tactics when they select the appropriate school of magic and spells.
  • Unique control mechanism – Using the dual analog controls; players can control Arrans movements separately from the Orb and use the orb as a targeting device to cast spells. This enables a more fast and furious gameplay experience.
  • Character evolution – Experience Arrans evolution throughout the game; from young novice to a powerful elder mage. As Arran ages; he acquires new spells; growing ever

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