Oddworld Munchs Oddysee


Genre: Action; Platformer; Action/Adventure
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
Release Date: 11/5/2001
Language: English

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Oddworld: Munchs Oddysee brings Oddworld to life in full 3D. Players embark on a journey through a changing world of oddball creatures; off-the-wall action and outlandish goons. Players guide Mudokon champion Abe; and his aquatic Gabbit partner Munch; in Oddworlds third adventure; using special psychic powers; cool power-ups; and other special abilities to deliver payback as they reclaim the last gabbit eggs on Oddworld; which have been packaged in a can of gabbiar.

    Play as a team – players use Munch and Abe cooperatively to make their way through the trials of Oddworld. Leverage both characters unique strengths:

  • Abe- Abe can climb and jump to reach new areas; and then run to escape from dangerous enemies. When all else fails; chant to take control of the enemys soul; and use their guns to clear a path to safety.
  • Munch – Munch can swim around the new realms of Oddworld. When on the ground; zip along with a wheelchair power up. Need

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