Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCEI
Release Date: 3/25/2003
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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Primal lies in a dark; fantastical realm between the mortal world and the afterlife; where an eternal struggle between order and chaos rages. Abaddon (Chaos) has tired of his personal conflict with Arella (Order) and is breaking the rules. The natural order of Primal has been disrupted and the demons of the dark side are gaining in strength and power and upsetting the natural equilibrium

  • Switch between Jen and Scree at any time; but choose wisely.
  • Jen will learn to unleash and control four different demon fighting forms.
  • Scree is able to possess all kinds of statues.
  • Each of Jens demon forms has a unique weapon and fighting technique.
  • Advanced 3D fighting system with blocks; parries and counter-attacks.
  • New skills can be learned with devastating combos and finishing moves.
  • Unique backdrop for each character.
  • Interaction with many characters through interlaced subplots.
  • Full lip-

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