Genre: Action
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment; Inc.
Developer: Pack-In Video
Release Date: May 1988
Language: English

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Freedom is everything. You are Rambo. Fallen hero. Once a decorated green beret; special weapons expert; master of the martial arts. Now; youre living in solitary; a prisoner of the government you swore to defend. Intelligence sources believe they have discovered a hidden POW camp deep in the jungle. Your brothers in arms have been enslaved there for years. Its your choice: accept a suicide mission to find the camp; or spend the rest of your life in a 6 by 8 cell. Your body is a weapon. Your mind; a disciplined machine. The most advanced military hardware is at your disposal; and a chopper waits to carry you to the drop site; where once again; you will be alone deep in hostile territory. This is your war; Rambo. A war that will test your every skill. A war with only two possible results: freedom or death. Armed and alone; you parachute into enemy territory. Match courage and wits with the animals that rule the jungle. Race to the landing site. It may be your onl

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