Genre: Shooter; Music
Publisher: Sega of America
Developer: United Game Artists
Release Date: 1/9/2002
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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Rez is a fast-action shooter that takes you deep into the worlds computer network. The Project K Network has recently been upgraded to handle the rapid expansion of the information age and the core; known as Eden; holds the most advanced artificial intelligence the world has ever seen. Unfortunately; Eden cannot handle the ability to create her own thoughts and buckles under the pressure in an existential breakdown. She is lost deep inside the system; and youre the only one that can bring her back online; saving the world from utter chaos. You must blast complex viruses; unlock passwords; and destroy firewall bosses as you search for Eden. Each stage is in a constant state of flux dependent on your shooting techniques; which ultimately control the music and colors of your environment. The deeper you get into the dreamlike cyber world of Rez; your form will evolve or devolve depending on your progress; and the wire-frame environments give way to rich textured wor

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