Genre: Action; Fighting
Publisher: Sega of America
Developer: OverWorks
Release Date: 11/12/2002
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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Left to avenge his Clan after a sinister force is awakened in Tokyo; Hotsuma must confront demons from his past and defend his role as Leader of the Oboro Clan. Drawing off the ancient traditions of Ninja magic; Hotsuma uses wall running; shuriken attacks; and the coveted Akujiki Sword to fight the deadly masked foes that stalk him. With the special Stealth Dash technique; he creates ghost-like apparitions that confuse his enemies. He can then strike with a lightning-quick Tate in which his blade moves so fast the victims dont even realize theyve been struck until they fall to their death.

  • The long-running series is re-born with next-generation graphics and unlimited gameplay freedom.
  • New combat techniques allow players to attack enemies in succession.
  • Destroy objects to find secret passages; secret items and mysterious shortcuts.
  • New gameplay mechanics allow players to run along walls; scale buildings; and perform mu

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