Spartan: Total Warrior [PAL Import]


Genre: Strategy; Action/Adventure
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Creative Assembly
Release Date: 10/25/2005
Language: English
Rating: 15

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Take up arms against the ruthless Roman Empire and fight alongside loyal allies as your skill at combat and your mastery of the art of war allows you to single-handedly turn the tide of epic battles.

  • Massive battles featuring legions of detailed warriors simultaneously engaged in dynamic; pitched combat
  • Wade into the thick of battle with intense combat featuring a wide range of moves; multiple melee & missile weapons; combos; spectacular special moves; finishing moves; blocks; shield charges and evasive manoeuvres
  • Realistic and fluid motion-captured and hand keyed animation without any sacrifice to game-play responsiveness
  • Richly detailed battlefields extend to the horizon. From arid wastelands to full scale cities; through dungeons to rugged mountains; and finally to the ultimate showdown in the Imperial Coliseum in Rome; the titles environments are massive

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