Spy Hunter


Genre: Action; Racing
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Paradigm Entertainment
MultiPlayer: Split Screen
Release Date: 9/28/2001
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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The G-6155 Interceptor is the ultimate counterintelligence prototype vehicle with morphing abilities; futuristic weaponry and lightening-fast speed. Depending on the terrain and danger the SpyHunter player faces; the Interceptor transforms into a car; boat; motorcycle or jet watercraft €“ making it a true all-terrain vehicle.

The daring reconnaissance missions lead the SpyHunter player around the globe to exotic locations (Panama; Key West; England; Germany; France; Middle East and Venice). Each location is modeled to a high degree of photo-realism and provides recognizable landmarks and scenery to offer compelling visual themes.

In SpyHunter the player must always be ready for action as heavily-armed enemy vehicles lurk around every corner ready to strike at the first site of the Interceptor. Weapons vans appear throughout the game to equip the Interceptor with offensive weapons including machine guns; missiles; EMP weapons and counter-attack w

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