Start the Party


Genre: Party
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: S2 Games
Release Date: 9/17/2010
Language: English

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Step into an animated augmented virtual reality in Start The Party!; a collection of interactive social party games for the whole family. Start The Party! transforms the PlayStation Move motion controller into an array of virtual props that players hold in their hand to twist; cut; swat; paint; pop; and jab their way through a series of fast-paced challenges requiring skill; speed and precision. Players are fully immersed into Start The Party! as the PlayStation Eye displays the players and their surroundings within the games colorful user interface; making them the star of the game.

  • Compete in interactive mini-games like Swat It; Cut It; Paint It; Light It; and Pop It that require players to use props that virtually appear in their hands to rack up points and improve their score.
  • Entertaining and fun to play solo or with a group of friends and family; Start The Party! supports a single player Custom mode; a Survival mode; and even a

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