Super Paper Mario


Genre: Action; Platformer
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Release Date: 4/9/2007
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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Mario and Luigi are enjoying a lazy afternoon at their house when they hear the terrible news: Princess Peach has been kidnapped! The two brothers head straight for Bowsers castle to get her back; but Bowser is just as surprised about Peachs kidnapping as they are. At that moment; a strange top-hatted villain warps in and abducts everyone but Mario. The mysterious villain then forces Peach and Bowser to get married; creating a rift of dark energy that threatens to tear the universe apart. Only Mario can save the day … but he cant do it alone.

The newest chapter of the Paper Mario story isnt just out of this world … its out of this dimension. What at first glance appears to be a 2-D side-scroller ripped straight from the stylized pages of the Paper Mario universe soon turns into a hilarious dimension-shifting platformer possible only on Wii.

  • Players run through vibrant 2-D worlds; stomping on enemies and breaking blocks … then; wit

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