Syphon Filter Logans Shadow


Genre: Action
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCEI
Release Date: 6/1/2010
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Written by Greg Rucka; author of the Queen and Country series of novels and graphic novels; Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow provides a sophisticated and gripping storyline that is sure to resonate with comic book lovers and action enthusiasts. We find Gabe Logan once again using a combination of stealth and run-and-gun gameplay as he is called into action when a dangerous new technology is hijacked by a criminal extremist group. In a story that takes him from the depths of the Indian Ocean to the deserts of the Middle East; Gabe is faced with the possibility that his long time partner; Lian Xing is a double agent.

Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow provides a variety of combat mechanics including the ability to force enemies into cover with blind-fire; an advanced melee system that allows Gabe to use enemies as human shields and full 360 degree underwater combat.

  • Leverages DualShock 2 controller; utilizing the second analog stick to make get

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