Way of the Samurai 3


Genre: RPG; Action/Adventure
Publisher: Agetec
Developer: Acquire
Release Date: 10/13/2009
Language: English

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The consequences of your actions will determine your fate. Choose to fight along side good or evil during the tumultuous time of the Sengoku Era and carve your name into history. Take the role of a samurai and choose your own path; blazing a trail of honor; loyalty and respect; or one of villainy; corruption; murder and greed. Become a hero or become infamous; the choice is yours.

  • The Butterfly Effect – With over 15 different endings; every action you take will cause a change of events to occur; allowing for multiple outcomes and replay-ability. Every action has a reaction and the following consequences open up new paths to explore.
  • Weapon Customization and Abilities – Craft your own unique weapons from over 200 different parts and materials; creating the ultimate weapon that suits your taste and fighting style. Create lethal blades; spears; pole axes and more while discovering new abilities and skills with increased use. Become a mast

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