*USED* Armored Core: Master of Arena - PS1

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Brand/Publisher(s):   Agetec  

Genre:   Simulation, Vehicle Combat  

Alternate Item Number:   SLUS-01030/SLUS-01  

ESRB Rating:   T 13+  

Developer(s):   From Software  

Description:   THE MASTER IS BACK So Arm Your ACs for Awesome Action! NEW & DEADLY -Over 180 AC Parts-- 27 Brand New -Battle 150+ of the Nastiest Ravens Ever -22 Battle Stages-- 10 Brand New -19 Detailed Missions of Total Annihilation -10 All-New Fighting Arenas DEEP ACTION -2 Discs = Massive Gameplay -Complete Successful Missions To Earn Credits & Upgrade Equipment -Use ALL Your Old Lethal Armored Core Creations CLASSIC STANDARDS -Customize ACs Using Hundreds of Thousands of Different Weapon & Armor Combinations -2-Player Combat With Split-Screen & Link Cable Play -Attack Enemies Using Lightning Speed & Killer Weapons -Awesome RUN, SLIDE & FLY Maneuvers   

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