*USED* NFL Football 94 Starring Joe Montana - Genesis

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Brand/Publisher(s):   SEGA  

Genre:   Sports / American Football  

Alternate Item Number:   1225  

ESRB Rating:   GA  

Developer(s):   Blue Sky Software  

Description:   All the stars of the NFLPA are here - Aikman, Cunningham, Young, Elway, Irvin, Seau, Swilling and many more! Sensational new "Behind the QB" view gives you a total of six different perspectives. Improved passing game and new SPEED BURSTS combine for offensive fireworks. Great features include audibles, screen passes, 360-degree spins, diving catches, team playbooks, instant replays and more! Full 16 game '93 season, playoffs, and Super Bowl. Battery backup allows you to keep team standings plus track league leaders in passing, rushing, sacks, etc.  

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