*USED* Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak *Pre-Owned*

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Brand/Publisher(s):   Nintendo  

Genre:   Accessories  

Alternate Item Number:   NUS-019  

ESRB Rating:   N/A  

Developer(s):   Nintendo  

Description:   Allows some Nintendo 64 games to pull information from specific Game Boy titles. Notable examples include Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2. SWAP DATA BETWEEN GAME BOY GAMES AND YOUR N64 THE N64 TRANSFER PAK TAP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR NINTENDO 64 SYSTEM! EXCHANGE DATA WITH GAME BOY GAME PAKS AND BRING THEM TO LIFE ON THE N64. Bring game characters to life, reach new hidden levels, expand your gaming experience! The N64 Transfer Pak allows you to exchange data between selected Game Boy games and specially designed N64 games – maximizing the power of both the N64 and Game Boy systems! 1 Insert your Transfer Pak into the bottom of the N64 Controller. 2 Insert your Game Boy Pak into the bottom of the N64 Transfer Pak. 3 You're ready to swap data! (See the instruction booklet for the N64 Game Pak you are using.)  

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