4 Wheel Thunder


Genre: Racing; Driving
Publisher: Midway Games Ltd
Developer: Kalisto Entertainment
MultiPlayer: Split Screen
Release Date: 6/9/2000
Language: English

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Midways Thunder Series continues with a four-wheel frenzy! Choose from one of four classes of rugged off-road vehicles and watch the dirt fly by at a blistering 60 frames per second! 4 Wheel Thunder is the premier all-terrain racing game for the dre!  4 Wheel Thunder is the off-road racing sequel to the popular power-boat racing game; Hydro Thunder. In this game; players race around two types of courses; huge outdoor tracks and smaller indoor tracks. All in all; there are 24 areas in which to race; including various daynight; rainsunshine variations. The game includes the standard championship; practice race; and 2-player modes. The thunder series of games is unique in that the key to winning the race lies not in careful steering and braking; but in finding the boost power-ups that lie around the tracks. Each boost icon adds a few seconds of time to your boost meter. The player then can press a boost button to increase the speed of his or her truck dramatically

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