Amped 2


Genre: Sports
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Microsoft
MultiPlayer: Internet; System Link
Release Date: 10/28/2003
Language: English

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Gamers and snowboarding fans will not be disappointed with the new features in Amped 2 proving that the Amped franchise will once again make major advancements in the extreme sports gaming genre. New features include:

  • The Tricks: Amped 2 unleashes new aerial tricks; a full set of styled-out rail slides; and introduces butter; the center of a new combo system. A tutorial will teach first timers the basics of freestyling riding.
  • The Web: Xbox Live will help determine who the ultimate snowboarder is by allowing gamers to challenge riders around the globe. Gamers can track stats; trade replays with friends; and download new content including mountains; gear; challenges and music.
  • The Graphics: Gorgeous; fully-rendered 3D environments bring the mountains alive. Clouds move over the hills. Snow-cats groom the runs. People ride the chairs. Riders see their breath in the cold air; and snow builds up on clothing after crashes.
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