Genre: Racing
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
MultiPlayer: Internet; System Link
Release Date: 7/12/2005
Language: English

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What further enhances Flat-Out is not only the new level of graphical quality and convincing physics; but the overall interactivity of the world around the player. Player can crash sideways into a safety wall made of tyres; sending dozens and dozens of tyres flying and bouncing away. Wooden fences shatter and splinter into easily hundreds of pieces; barrels and marker cones tumble and fly from the impact; opponent car parts lying on the track inflicting damage to other cars and so forth.

Damage modelling of the cars is impressive; with virtually every bodypanel of the car bending; crumbling and peeling away in accidents showing engine; transmission; working suspension; cockpit with driver and everything youd expect a car to have beneath its skin. Cars themselves; being the highlight of the whole show; are meticulously modelled with plenty of detail. Player has 16 cars to choose from; all with different behaviour; driving feel and ability to take (or giv

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