Frontlines Fuel of War


Genre: Shooter; FPS
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Kaos Studios
MultiPlayer: LAN; Internet; System Link
Release Date: 2/26/2008
Language: English

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Frontlines: Fuel of War is an open-world First Person Shooter set in the next great war. In a world ravaged by a global energy crisis; environmental decay; and economic depression; players assume the role of an elite soldier in the Western Coalition Army on an epic crusade against the Red Star Alliance to control the lifeblood of the worlds economy. Frontlines: Fuel of War combines intensely cinematic; non-linear game play; with next generation firepower and a revolutionary Frontline Combat System to deliver the most thrilling and engaging FPS to date.

  • Frontline Combat System … In both single player and multiplayer; players join the forces on the frontline that result in focused combat and increased intensity while allowing player choice.
  • Open World Environment … In both single player and multiplayer; players can create their own path to victory with non-linear mission objectives and destructible environments. The player chips away a

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