Halo 4


Genre: FPS
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: 343 Industries
Release Date: 11/6/2012
Language: English

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Halo 4 marks the beginning of a new saga in the blockbuster franchise that has shaped entertainment history and defined a generation of gamers. Developed by 343 Industries exclusively for xb3; Halo 4 ushers in the return of mankinds greatest hero; the Master Chief; in a newly envisioned; epic sci-fi adventure.

Set nearly five years after the events of Halo 3; Halo 4 follows the Master Chief and his faithful artificial intelligence (AI) companion Cortana as they venture into a mysterious new world and discover an overpowering ancient evil that threatens to annihilate mankind. With humanitys fate hanging in the balance; the Master Chief and Cortana are thrust into a desperate mission against overwhelming odds to save mankind from the threat of imminent extinction.

As one of the biggest video game franchises in history; the Halo series has sold more than 42 million games to date; generating nearly $3 billion in total franchise sales. Halo 4 take

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