Sniper Elite III


Genre: Action
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Rebellion Software
Release Date: 6/27/2014
Language: English

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Featuring a greater focus on player agencychoice and expansive environments filled with opportunities for distinct play-styles; and set in the exotic yet deadly terrain of North Africa during World War Two; Sniper Elite 3 sees American OSS agent Karl Fairburne deep behind Nazi lines; providing crucial sharpshooter skills as the Allies battle Germanys fearsome Tiger tanks across the Western Desert.

But its not just the famed Afrika Korps that Karl has to worry about. He soon uncovers German plans to build a wunderwaffe – wonder weapon – with the power to crush any Allied forces in its path; and turn the tide of the whole war.

  • Observe. Plan. Execute. Adapt – expansive environments allow the player to choose how they complete the mission; offering non linear multi-routes; and more verticality than ever before; offering the freedom to take out the enemy by your own design.
  • Relocation – A sniper always needs an exit

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