Genre: FPS
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Propaganda Games
MultiPlayer: Internet
Release Date: 1/30/2008
Language: English

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Turok is an epic; story-driven first-person shooter set on a dark; mysterious planet in the near future. Players take on the role of Joseph Turok; a former Black Ops commando; now part of an elite Special Forces squad on a mission to take down a war criminal on a genetically-altered planet. After the ship is shot down while approaching the planet; Joseph Turok must use his instincts and elite military training to elude an army of well-trained soldiers; and the ravenous; unpredictable creatures that populate the dangerous environment. Joseph Turoks mission? Survive at all costs.

  • Dark; gritty sci-fi world showcased through next-gen gameplay; high-resolution graphics and immersive sound
  • Humans are your primary enemy – highly-trained soldiers challenge players with sophisticated AI and advanced tactics
  • Encounter genetically-altered dinosaurs and other deadly creatures €“ trick them into attacking your enemies or each other
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