Wakeboarding Unleashed


Genre: Sports
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Shaba Games
Release Date: 6/3/2003
Language: English

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Hang on for your life in Wakeboarding Unleashed™ featuring Shaun Murray as you get ripped across a lake by a high-powered speedboat and trick through dangerous terrain. Feel the rush as you crash into houseboats and catch huge air in nine exotic levels with seven world-class wakeboarders. Tired already? Then drive the boat and help your friend pull off challenging technical tricks on the most realistic looking water ever.

  • Unique Gameplay – With a ton of innovative objectives; the game gives players the option to take control of the speedboat; compete in a variety of competitions and unlock secret challenges. Rope Mechanics™ enables players to let go of the rope in order to find secret areas and venture into unteathered territory. Gamers can then grab a hold of the rope again to continue exploring exciting new areas.
  • Revolutionary Water Graphics – The game features the most impressive water physics in a video game to date. From the parti

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